Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Wednesday marked the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and believe it or not, Black Sabbath made a special guest appearance and premiered a piece of the new song "End of the Beginning" from their upcoming album 13 which is due in stores June 11.

The episode followed the CSI team as they investigated a series of murders similar to the sins in Dante's Inferno, and the trail led them to a Black Sabbath concert to meet a reporter who was suppose to accompany them while they continued their investigation.

You can see the full episode at or check out the clips of the bands performance plus a nice little behind the scenes look at shooting the office. Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler admitted to being a fan of the show since it first appeared on television. And the great thing was, even if you aren't interested in the show, Black Sabbath was one of the opening scenes so if that was all you wanted to see you didn't have to wait long.