Sadly I have to admit I'm a nerd, geek, video game goober whatever. Speaking for myself there's nothing more satisfying after a long hard day at work than coming home grabbing the beverage of your choice jumping online line and killing folks, or in my chase getting killed. It's a pwn or get pwned world and despite not being the best player, hell I'm no where near that I love Call Of Duty Black Ops. That's why I can't wait for the new D.L.C. "Escalation". The wait is almost over it will be released on (05-03-11) for Xbox 360 with PS3 & PC to follow.

The map pack features 4 all new multi-player maps: Zoo, Hotel, Convoy & Stockpile plus the new zombie map: Survive "Call Of The Dead". The team at Treyarch have produced yet another ass kicking set of maps with interactive environments and room to roam. The sizes of the new maps range from from medium-small to medium-large. No matter what your play style is you'll find plenty of excitement with "Escalation". Looks like I'll be calling in sick Tuesday, March 3rd as a matter of fact I'm already not feeling so good, it could be flu or cold symptoms the on set of a full blow illness. Maybe it's allergies, that's it my allergies are acting up. Either way I'll have a 24 hour bug!