You know those people who say, “I can’t imagine my life without my kids”? Well, I feel the same about MY kids, Willie & George!

I’ve had Willie longer than any relationship.  Sad & pathetic? Maybe, but I experience a whole lot less drama from dogs : )  For the most part.  Willie & I started off on a rocky note, thanks to my willful attempts to crate-train a dog that ultimately wanted to nothing more than roam the apartment all day.

A few months after our family dog, Milo, passed away and Willie was suffering from ODS (Only-Dog Syndrome), I realized I needed a friend for my little alpha male (who also suffers from LDS-Little Dog Syndrome).  George is the perfect balance for Willie and I’d like to think they see each other as brothers (from another mother of course : )

With the arrival of roommates, Chaos & The Mom, came Frank, the best snuggling Dachshund I’ve met!  His mild mannered personality and carefree spirit fit right in with my boys.  And I never knew a dog that was always as cold as I am (did I mention he’s the BEST snuggler?!)  With the three of them, it’s always one big party (or snoozefest as evidenced in the last picture) at my house.

While I have a pretty decent backyard, everytime I get ready to leave, all of the four-legged critters look at me with pleading eyes to come with.  I’ve been known to spontaneously pile them all in for a quickie trip to CVS but there’s nothing like a good outing complete with harnesses, leashes and a Camelback full of water (with portable water bowl of course). Here are some of my family’s favorite places to go in Wichita Falls….

Wichita Falls Dog Park

Lake Wichita Park (between the Boys & Girls Club Football Field & Softball/Baseball Fields)

Of course I have to put this location first!  With the new Wichita Paws Dog Park opening a few weeks ago, this is by far my favorite place to take the boys.  Assuming people actually pick up after their dogs, which I’ve noticed as one of the negatives the last few times we’ve gone.  But Willie, George & Frank could care less–it’s just one more new & exciting thing to pee on.  If you haven’t been, there are two areas based on size.  The very familiar Small Dog Area is for my group, dogs 30 lbs & under and has a TON of space to run around & be crazy. Like George does with the biggest doggie smile on his face.  Or you could spend your time sniffing every square inch of the area and marking your territory.  Like Willie does.  Frank, as always, does his own thing & is all over the place.  Definitely check out the official Facebook Fan Page for FAQ’s, playdates, and general info.  There’s a Group Page too (Search: Wichita Falls Dog Park)–not sure what the difference is but there ya go.  Looks like an Association is in the works to get a 501(c)(3) non-profiit status so seating, a water source & poo-poo pick-up bags can be provided for folks that don’t bring their own.

Paw Spa Bonetique

1920-B 10th St  (940) 766-6599

If you haven’t been to this cute little store that specializes in grooming, healthy treats and pet couture, you’re really depriving your little one!  The owners, Henry & Scott are two of the nicest guys and they always take such great care of my boys.  You really feel the love they have for their clients. And their owners! : )  It seems like everytime I come for a visit, they’ve rearranged furniture or added some unique accessory or tasty treat.  And speaking of, I absolutely love their glass treat counter!  Some of their cookies look good enough for us two-legged animals to enjoy : ) Chaos & The Mom are always making fun of Willie’s B.B. Simon blingalicious collar but it’s not like I’m going to put a whole lot of stock into what a couple of boys say about fashion! Whatev!!  Paw Spa doesn’t have a website to showcase their awesomeness so if you’d like to squeeze in for a grooming appointment, you’ll need to call or stop in to see all the goodies for yourself.

Sikes Lake

Midwestern Pkwy (next to the WF Museum of Art @ MSU)

I like coming to Sikes Lake when I don’t have a whole lot of time but want to get in a good mile walk and enjoy the peacefulness of the lake.  While the entire trail is paved (great for rollerblading), there’s no shortage of things for Willie to sniff ‘n pee on.  And there’s always ducks & geese to make things interesting as we walk by.  It’s fun to see how each of them react–Willie’s all about going after them while George crosses to the other side of the walkway in protective-mode.  I’ve taken Frank along once–I’m still working with him on how to be a good walkee and not wander in the pathway of an on-coming jogger.  Early mornings are my favorite, it’s super quiet, the day is at it’s coolest and traffic at it’s lowest.  Even in the evenings & weekends I’m sometimes surprised how few people are out taking advantage of this beautiful little lake.

The Vet

So this may not be the “funnest” place to go, but I believe it’s one of the best places to take your dog. Proper dog hygiene is SO important.  I make the boys’ annual check-up a priority in my schedule.  I still remember the year the vet told me that George had gained 8 lbs since the year before. When I responded with an “Oh, Ok”, the vet kindly informed me that George was considered obese.  I was horrified and immediately removed the self-feeder and put both boy’s on a twice daily feeding schedule with measured amounts of food.

I’ve also taken both in for a good teeth cleaning.  You can label me The Crazy Dog Lady but when I found out that 80% of dogs by the young age of 3 has some kind of periodontal disease that could affect other body parts and organs, I started a regular teeth brushing routine!  Call me selfish but I want my babies around for as long as possible!

With flea & tick season on it’s way and mosquito’s nipping at their heels, make sure your dog has the proper preventative and treatment plan in place to make this a happy, healthy summer!


It seems like everything these days are getting smaller & more compact–computers, cell phones, cars, and yes, even dogs!  Pocket Puppies are all the rage (thanks Paris) so if you can fit yours in a dog appropriate purse, you can pretty much take your BFF anywhere you want to go.  My dad’s wife is rarely seen without one of her four little dogs, from 1-4 lbs.  However, she’s always very conscious about the venue and if bringing her would create a distraction or unnecessary attention.  Out of all the restaurants we’ve gone to after church, we’ve only been asked to leave one.  If you can’t leave home without him or her, make sure you can explain yourself or alternate your plans.

Hopefully I’ve been able to hit on some places YOU enjoy as well.  And, for goodness sake, if I missed a pet-friendly spot that for some reason I haven’t discovered, please let me know in the comment section below.