Every June we don't recognize and celebrate our Dads, no, we recognize and celebrate our Fathers.  Any guy can become a Dad, but to become a true father a man must stand as the corner stone of his family – providing for them, protecting them and teaching them.  But a father's role does not end with providing for, protecting, and teaching family members. A father can, and should, help with the essential nurturing and bonding associated with feeding, playing, storytelling, loving, and all the rest of the activities that make up family life.  All of these things are done by a father without the slightest expectation of recognition.  

Father's Day is just around the corner so let's take our Dads out to have a good time and give them the recognition and appreciation that they deserve.  Here is a list of the best places to take your Dad in Wichita Falls.  Now I know that every Dad is different, so this list is narrowed down to include places to take Dad based on his individual interests.