It is the day after labor day and the kids do not want to go back to school. Here is a little rock video playlist to jam out so you can get those kids back to school.

Trying to get kids to go back to school after a long weekend is like pulling teeth. Hopefully some back to school rock will get them in the mood to go, but lets be honest I doubt that.

1. Van Halen-Hot for Teacher

2. Motley Crue-Smoking in the Boys Room

3.Pearl Jam-Jeremy

4.Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit

5. Yo La Tenga-Sugarcube

6. Nada Surf-Popular

7. J. Geils Band-Centerfold

8. Chopper One-A Punk Named Josh

9. The Ramones-Rock&Roll High School

10. The Police-Don't Stand So Close To Me