Ben and Jerry's is one of the ultimate munchies snacks, but if they had it their way the ice cream would give you the munchies. Good God what a vicious cycle that would be.

Got to admit Ben and Jerry's ice cream is a little pricey, but it's worth it. I am willing to fork out the extra money for quality ice cream with jam packed ingredients. Phish food is hands down my favorite. Chocolate ice cream with gooey marshmallow, caramel swirls and fudge fish. If you haven't had it, you're missing out.

Ben and Jerry's is always about creating new ice cream recipes and it looks like this would be a million dollar ice cream idea. Weed infused ice cream, hell I would be willing to try it. It looks like Ben and Jerry's would be willing to make it as soon as weed is legal. Sounds like they're waiting for it to be legal throughout America and not just in certain states. Even though Texas is moving in the right direction for weed legalization, A LOT of other states still have some work to do.