I'm not the first one to bring you this video. Critter talked about it in March of 2011, saying that it's the only way for Justin Beiber to suck less, and he has a point. This is about the only way I'd willingly listen to J.B., but I won't make it a habit of coming back for more. It's a mashup of the Beibster and Slipknot in a song dubbed “Psychosocial Baby.” I'm posting it again because it's just too weird to forget about.

Corey Taylor has talked about this song publicly, saying that he wouldn't mind doing music with Justin Beiber, though there aren't any plans at this point for them to enter the studio and belt out any ballads. Now the question is, which would make better music? J.B. and Slipkot, or paired with Stone Sour?