It’s no secret that Apple knows how to make money. The giant continues to put out products that people are willing to spend money on, and the spending doesn’t stop there. Once you have that iPhone or iPad or any other Apple device, chances are your next move is to look at apps to download. Now the company is offering up a big reward to one lucky person who performs the 50 billionth app download, and they have a countdown to track where they’re at.

The reward for that magic number could be a $10,000 App Store gift card. The next 50 downloads after that could receive a $500 App Store gift card. That’s a pretty sweet prize on top of the addiction you’ll likely have to that new app.

If you don’t currently have an Apple device, you’re not out of the running. Apple has been careful to word the promotion as saying you “could” win the gift cards. I wondered about what that meant, so I looked at the official rules. They state:

The Promotion shall begin on or about April 29, 2013 and ends with the downloading of the 50,000,000,050th app (“Promotion Period”). For purposes of the Promotion Period, the downloading of the 50,000,000,050th app is considered to be either the downloading of the 50,000,000,050th app from the App Store or the receipt of the non-purchase entry after the download of the 50,000,000,049th app, whichever comes first. Only entries submitted during the Promotion Period will be accepted. Sponsor’s computer is the official time keeping device for this promotion.

If you think it’ll be easy to time things out just right, it won’t be an easy task. The counter is moving at lightning speed, with about a thousand downloads per second. At least the timer gives you an idea, however, so if you’ve been thinking about getting that version of Angry Birds that you don’t have yet, waiting a day or so might benefit you.

My thought is, if you actually won $10,000 from the App Store, how long would it take to use up those funds? You can track their app downloads here.