You've probably seen something like this in an animated desert - only replace the crazy Russian with a Coyote and add a Roadrunner zooming by with a condescending "Beep!-Beep!"

Well this isn't an episode of Wile E. Coyote, but it is a real video of a base jumper in Konakova, Russia that jumped off the top of what looks to be a power line tower, falling 393 feet - without the assistance of a parachute.  The guy must have ordered his parachute from the same ACME Corporation that Wile E. shops at because it fails miserably, causing the Ruski to slam into the snow covered ground below.

Somebody else did the math (thank goodness, cause we suck at it)  and came to the conclusion that this guy probably hit the ground traveling  about 106 MPH and, most likely due to his snowy landing, he survived! He didn't walk away unscathed though.  He broke his pelvis, both legs, plus a few of his vertebrae.

Reportedly, the guy was back up on his feet walking around after only three months. He may not be able to fly, but this guy is certainly a 'man of steel.'

Watch this Russian base jumper fall nearly 400 feet after his parachute fails to open: