I cannot believe anywhere in the world Bam Margera is allowed to rent a car.

At some point last year Bam rented a Toyota Land Cruiser from a Hertz in Iceland. According to TMZ, "I kicked the door in ... and then there was a scratch over there that they had to replace the whole panel for." Well Bam left Iceland with out paying for the damages.

On his return over the weekend he was arrested when he came back into the country. He was released on Wednesday after paying the unpaid bill. Now honestly if you have never seen the old cKy videos from before Bam got famous on Jackass, they are some of the funniest stuff. About half of the first season of Jackass it seemed like it was just taken off the cKy videos.

The reason I am telling you this, is on one of the videos is about renting a rental car and doing whatever you want with it. I feel like every rental car company in the world should have this video below. What they did to this car was just overkill.

Watch cKy How to Rent a Car Below: