There’s been a lot of talk about honey badger in the past year or so, but it’s not just the honey badger that doesn’t care. The badger does whatever it wants, and two of them are tearing up a cemetery in Britain as proof.

The graveyard was first used in 1881, and holds 33,000 people. Lately it’s been noticed that they cemetery is ripped up – holes in the ground, headstones toppled over, and bones laying around. The badgers have tunneled under the graves, causing the damage, and in some cases they’ve actually broken into coffins.

Families who have loved ones buried in the cemetery are understandably upset about it, but the grounds were deemed a nature preserve in 2005. Now there’s not much they can do about it except to hope the destruction runs its course. In the meantime, monthly bone patrols have been set up. Rev. Simon Shouler has been given that task:

"I have been told to carry out a monthly bone patrol, collect them all up and re-inter them in a new grave," he told the Telegraph. “It is ridiculous. If I decided to dig up a grave to build an extension for the church or something, there would be hell to pay, yet here we have people who are having their bones scattered at the whim of someone sitting in an office miles away.”

It’s proof yet again that badgers just don’t care. My question is how long it will take for someone to take matters into their own hands and relocate the animals.