I am already calling it now, here is your plot to the next 'Hangover' movie.

I guess its strange I have never been to a Bachelor party, none of my good friends have gotten married or even engaged. I am thankful for that, I still want to go to a bachelor party though. Your average bachelor party involves a lot of alcohol and usually ending up at the strip club. These guys decided to get drunk and go walk around a state park. I am not big outdoors fan, so I would have preferred the strip club.

While on their journey one of the guys discovered something very strange in the sand. Turns out it was a fossilized mastodon skull. A head paleontologist was amazed by the find, calling it "the most complete mastodon skull with attached tusks he has seen in 20 years." Many are finding it surprising the fossil was found in such a popular area, which attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts every year with its boating, hiking, fishing and camping opportunities.

"What is noteworthy is the men who found the skull did not disturb it and called the right people," Wojahn said. Knowing if my drunk friends and I stumbled upon a mastodon skull, we would have dug it up. After that we would probably try to re-enact the movie 'Ice Age'.