I love a good magic trick, and I don’t usually try to figure them out. I’d rather be amazed and think it’s some sort of “magic” rather than know the how and why of a trick. It’s fun to watch a great trick, but it’s even more fun if you can use one to amaze your friends. In this trick, you suspend water. There’s science behind it, and I’m not really sure what that science entails, but it looks like it’s worth trying.

The man in this video shows you how to do the trick, but he admits that even he still has to try it a couple of times before it works for him. It’s not an easy trick, but when it works, and you’ll see in the video, it’s really bad ass.

The extent of my trickery extends to card tricks that I’ve forgotten over the years. This is one that I think I might need to tuck away in my brain and try out. I have people over to my house often enough, and I’d love to pull this one for them.

Do you do magic tricks? Do you ever tell your secrets?