A woman in Australia has started a petition to get Ozzy Osbourne knighted, and has over 500 signatures to get her started. Helen Maidoitis wanted to get everyone from Black Sabbath on the petition, but decided that focusing on one member of the band might be a better way to start. Why does she want this honor bestowed on the man who once bit off a bat’s head? She says, "Ozzy has been an inspiration to many great musicians over the last 40 years. He is a credit to his country and I believe that a knighthood for Ozzy is one well deserved and long overdue."

The history of knighthood has changed over the years, with the official Web site of the British Monarchy stating this:

A knighthood (or a damehood, its female equivalent) is one of the highest honours an individual in the United Kingdom can achieve. While in past centuries knighthood used to be awarded solely for military merit, today it recognises significant contributions to national life. Recipients today range from actors to scientists, and from school head teachers to industrialists. A knighthood cannot be bought and it carries no military obligations to the Sovereign.

They continue:

He would also have to prove himself worthy according to rules of chivalrous behaviour, such as 'faithfulness to his Saviour and his Sovereign', generosity, self-denial, bravery and skill at arms. In addition, he would be expected to have the financial ability to support the honour of knighthood.

Ozzy himself has stated that his story is one that you couldn’t just invent, telling Pulse of Radio a while back:

I come from a very low, working class family in Birmingham, England. I would sit on my doorstep thinking, 'Wouldn't it be great if Paul McCartney was to marry my sister, la la la, and all these daydreams that silly kids have. And what I say to a lot of people, they say what advice can you give me, and I go, 'I had a dream, and most of my dreams came true and more, you know.' You couldn't invent my story.

You can view and sign the petition to make Ozzy a night on Facebook.

What do you think? Should Ozzy become Sir Ozzy?