Last week, an early image of the upcoming "Assassin's Creed III" was leaked, showing a new Assassin in front of the 1776 American Flag, carrying colonial and Native American weaponry.  A day later, the official box are was released, confirming the Revolutionary War backdrop, with the new Assassin taking on a Red Coat.  The official Assassin's Creed website then posted a countdown clock, counting down to 12:00 EST today.  What we got just 10 minutes ago was the first trailer for the upcoming game.

Shortly after "Assassin's Creed: Revelations" was released, Ubisoft confirmed two things,

  1. "Revelations" was the final story for regular characters Altair and Ezio.
  2. Due to the "2012" basis of the overall storyline, as new Assassin's Creed game would be released by the end of the year.

Both of those have held true with an October 30th release date, and a new, so far unnamed, lead character.  The trailer also confirms speculation from the leaked picture that it would take place during the Revolutionary War, 1777 according to the trailer.  Also, continuing the tradition of using true historical figures in the story, General George Washington has the only dialogue in the trailer.  We don't know much of the new Assassin's identity, but given his choice of weapons, aspects of his clothing (cowhide boots), and a brief shot of his face in the trailer, I'm willing to bet the new Assassin is of Native American heritage.