Could you imagine a summer without hearing the chime of an ice cream truck? I know my childhood self would be depressed and also a lot skinnier.

Now when I first saw this story it did not have the state of where the ban took place. I honestly thought of a small town in Maine. It was actually in Arizona because honestly no one would want ice cream in the desert. Well a 16 year old girl is the first person to get an ice cream truck in decades.

On Thursday, Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane gave Sydney Kirsch the city's first ice cream truck license since the vehicles were banned in the 1970s.The Phoenix high school student is the owner of Leo's Ice Cream, whose previous owner led an effort to overturn the ban. Kirsch told The Arizona Republic that she'll balance ice cream duties with her school work and other extracurricular activities.

Some residents had opposed ice cream trucks, saying they would lead to more accidents involving children and more strangers on city streets. The Scottsdale City Council approved an ordinance in April allowing the trucks back on the Phoenix suburb's streets.

Now time for me to grind my gears. If your ice cream truck does not have one of these awesome teenage mutant ninja turtle pops pictured below, I do not give you my business.

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