Getting a movie, I may be. Or that's what Jedi Master Yoda were say if he wasn't a fictional character. We have all heard by now that Disney has bought Lucas Film with the intention of making an additional trilogy, and since that news we have heard rumors about a live action TV show but now the best news we may ever hear. Yoda may be getting his own stand alone movie. Don't get confused now, this has nothing to do with Episodes 7,8, and 9. In fact those three movies are still planned to kick off in 2015. But Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has since confirmed in an interview with CNBC that the studio is indeed planning a series of stand-alone character-based "Star Wars" films, you can check out his interview HERE.Think like the Avengers. Each of the main characters have their own movies, yet they all get together for the Avengers.

Pretty cool! So who, if anybody would get their own movie? Well of course the guy on top of every ones list is Jedi Master Yoda and according to Ain't It Cool News, Yoda is the top priority when it comes to making character based Star Wars movies and if you take into account that he is almost 900 years old there is plenty of story to tell if you really wanted to. Disney has yet to comment if it is actually in the works yet.

Other possible ideas? A film about Jabba the Hut, supposedly pitched by George Lucas would be a pretty cool space gangster kind of film. And we can't ignore that "Captain America" director Joe Johnston once voiced his willingness to make a movie about the feared bounty hunter Boba Fett.

This all very exciting but do keep in mind at the moment, the spin-off movies are being worked on but with no details of who they would center around or when they would be finished. But you can rest easy knowing that there is for sure another Star Wars trilogy on the way, we just have to settle for watching the few Yoda fight scenes we have for the time being. Plus I found a pretty funny commercial of Yoda recording directions for the Tom Tom GPS.