Manna, for those of you who don’t know, is “the food of the gods”.  Yes, the stuff of which gods munch on. It’s the thing they use before they shoot lightning bolts out of their ass cracks and send vultures to pick the bones of mere mortals.  What could be a better food for Zeus than sugar, flour and apples all fried to sh@t and served up glazed with more sugar?  More after the jump.

Apple Fritters are technically a “donut”, but I don’t put them in that category.  For me, Apple Fritters get the distinction of being called a “pastry”.  Yeah, I’m going there.  Apple Fritters should have their place on a French desert table. Unlike most donuts Apple Fritters have a light crunch to the outside and fruit though out.  Jelly donuts have a ‘fruit like’ substance in the middle that isn’t really ‘jelly’ (think about that stuff inside, you wouldn’t put it on your p and j now would you?).  Apple Fritters are also a bit more substantial than a regular donut too. It’s not just their size that makes them more filling, but also their density that makes them rock.  I’m about to have an Apple Fritter for lunch.  I usually have a burger and fries or a couple burritos for lunch, yet this Apple Fritter will serve as a main course and a dessert.  I’m going to eat my Apple Fritter now.  Poor you. you don’t have one. It sucks to be you.

*One more thing.  Everything with apples in it, is very “American”.  So if you don’t like Apple Fritters you can move your commie ass to Russia.