This is the fourth time this summer that a stage at an outdoor festival has collapsed in bad weather. How long is it going to be before people realize that when you’re outdoors sometimes weather happens? I know its usually a long shot, and incidents like this are a very low percentage of all of the outdoor concerts that happen. But the simple fact that this does happen would make me think that using stronger equipment that can handle inclement weather would be a wise idea. I guess, unfortunately, it’s going to take the death of one of the performers before someone actually does something about it. Remember, the STAGES are collapsing, where the bands play, and one time they will collapse on, and probably kill, a band or singer that you know and love. This concert included 30 Seconds To Mars, Foo Fighters, Eminem, Offspring, Panic! At the Disco, Rise Against, Good Charlotte and many more. It could have been one of them.

Now watch this video from the same show. That black thing swinging in the rain is a giant speaker rack! probably weighs a thousand pounds or more.

Here’s one more video.