Every once in a while, when I'm enjoying a beverage at the bar, I laugh a little to myself when I think of how humans are a strange creature. We set up establishments where people gather, and in some of those places, people are just trying to get drunk. Not everyone who goes to a bar has that purpose in mind, but plenty of people do, and it's just a little strange that we're some of the only creatures on the planet who engage in such activities.

Or so I like to tell myself. I'm well aware that other animals get drunk. Many times it's the result of fermented fruit, but you often see a singular animal when it's trashed. It could be a drunk squirrel who got into the Halloween pumpkin on your porch, or the moose who had too many apples. Then there are those who gather in the masses, regardless of species, to tie one on.

I'm not clear as to exactly what the animals in this video are eating, and the dialogue is in French, making me think I should have paid more attention in French class. It's easy to get the idea of what's going on, however. Some monkeys are hanging out enjoying some fruit, but an elephant wants in on the action as well. Before you know it, everyone is gathering to get in on the action, and the result is pretty funny.

You won't learn much from this clip, except for the fact that animals like to have fun just like humans. It also shows that many species can indeed get along, even if the goal at the time is just to get wasted.