He may be considered the best fighter in UFC history, but on Saturday night, Anderson Silva's long reign as UFC Middleweight Champion ended in a match that he either didn't take seriously, or was just out matched. I'm going with the first choice.

UFC 162 kicked off Saturday night with the headlining match-up between two undefeated fighters fighting for the title, Silva (33-5 MMA, 16-1 UFC) and Chris Weidman (10-0 MMA, 6-0 UFC). Silva seemed like he thought he was better (which he probably was) and would have no problem with winning, which wasn't true after all. In his typical fashion, Silva bobbed and weaved around the ring, basically playing games with his competition, which proved to be his downfall.

Weidman played along, waiting for Silva to slip up and make a mistake, which happened 78 seconds into the second round. Silva put his hands to his side and dared Weidman to take a shot at his open face. Weidman took the bait, missing his first two swings but landing the third shot flush with Silva's face, sending his eyes into the back of his head and his body to the canvas. And from there it was over. Weidman delivered one more blow to the downed Brazilian before the referee, Herb Dean, called the fight, ending Silva's undefeated UFC run at 16 wins with 10 title defenses.

Weidman said he had training partners mimic Silva's well-known mind games and taunting during his extended fight camp. "I was ready for it," the new champion said. "It pisses me off when someone tries to do that to me. I just knew little by little, I was going to creep on him, and when he slept, I was going to get him."

So is this the end of the Spider? I think not. In the post-fight interviews Silva said that he was planning on getting back to his family and claimed that Weidman was the new champion and the best and he would no longer fight for the belt, although he will keep fighting.

So, time for a little conspiracy theory. Was Silva so tired of always winning without much of a fight that he let Weidman knock him out so that he could relinquish the belt and maybe come back for it at a later time? Only time will tell if Silva will attempt to reclaim the title of Middleweight Champion, or go for a belt in a different weight class.