Saturday was Anderson Silva's big chance to reclaim his title from Chris Weidman, who had won the belt from Silva earlier this year, but things didn't go as planned for anybody in the octagon.

The first round came and went with no real surprises and then came the second round. Silva started the round with a few punches that missed, followed by Weidman landing a kick and then Silva threw his own kick that would end the fight.

Weidman managed to block Silva's kick which caused one of the most gruesome scenes you can see in any sporting event. Silva's leg snapped in two.

Now the video below isn't for the faint of heart, you can see his leg bending like he was made of rubber.

Silva was immediately rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to repair his leg. If he decides to continue fighting, doctors have said he be able to start training again in six to nine months.

While Weidman held onto his belt, I'm sure this isn't the way he wanted to win and I don't think Silva will be satisfied until he has that belt back around his waist. In my opinion the chances for Silva vs. Weidman 3 is extremely good, although maybe not for another year or so.