Voldemort is a pet goat living in Utah that under normal circumstances you would never hear of. A few months ago he got loose and went after Jackson, a 14-year-old paper boy, and since that time he’s getting attention from a big name. Anderson Cooper did a report on the goat during the Rediculist, and said the goat may very well haunt your dreams and said it was “possibly demonic.”

After Voldemort ran Jackson up a tree, the boy was stuck there for over an hour waiting for help to arrive. Police got involved after they received word that he hadn’t come back from his paper route, and he was able to climb down, only to become the butt of jokes at school regarding goats.

During the report, Cooper describes the goat as “a crazy-eyed, scraggly wild haired, possibly demonic goat.” Is the animal demonic, or simply looking to find a quick way onto YouTube? You be the judge.