One of my favorite parts of Saint Patrick's day has to be the Chicago river turning green for the day. Thankfully someone put a camera on top of a building so we can see how the river gets transformed.

I am Irish and I love Saint Patrick's day. It has become my tradition to drink a Guinness at some point today and finish the night off by watching 'The Boondock Saints'. Most cities tend to have a parade or a big festival for Saint Patrick's Day. Well what Chicago does is unique and pretty awesome.

They dump 45 pounds of green vegetable dye into the river every year, so on March 17th the river is green.

Also on a side note, the Mavs are playing the Celtics tonight. I am praying the Mavs are going to wear the old school green jerseys tonight, forcing the Celtics to wear white.

Watch the Chicago River Turn Green Below: