Alice in Chains has unveiled a new pinball app for Apple users called “Alice in Chains Pinball Rocks.” It’s found in iTunes under the Pinball Rocks app, which is free and gives you one playing field to use without spending a dime. Once downloaded, you can unlock the AIC portion of the app for $2.99.

The app is provided by Sony Music Entertainment, and they describe the AIC portion of the game as this:

ALICE IN CHAINS PINBALL ROCKS: Hot on the heels of the band’s latest hit album THE DEVIL PUT DINOSAURS HERE, Alice in Chains Pinball Rocks is a journey throughout the band’s legendary career. Smash the Jar of Flies, break the Music Bank and unlock the blackened heart and dino skulls all under the watchful eye of the Tripod. The game features original voiceovers from band members Jerry Cantrell, William DuVall, Sean Kinney and Mike Inez along with many of the band’s greatest hits, culminating with an unlock that features the band’s newest single 'Hollow.'

Pinball is somewhat of an obsession in our household and we own a few of the full-size machines, so as an AIC fan and a pinball fan I wanted to check this out. I downloaded it and started playing, and found that it’s actually a bit addictive.

The game graphics are awesome and interesting, and even after a few games it seemed like I was discovering new territory. You’re given the ability to play while watching the entire play field, or you can zoom in to keep a closer eye on the ball. Turning your device on its side also allows for a different view.

A “cheats” tab is located on the screen, allowing for three free multi-ball modes and two ball savers. For those who want to make the game just a little bit easier, this is a nice little gift.

The ball rolls around the play field very similarly to a real pinball machine. A game such as this will never be the same as the real thing, but I was happy to find that flippers can be held up, something that other electronic pinball games don’t always allow for. This gives the user a much more realistic pinball experience.

After playing several games I’m finding that there are modes that I’m getting close to unlocking, but haven’t been able to yet. I did discover multi-ball on my own and also unlocked a special play area in the middle of the field. I have yet to find out what happens if I get the music box open and then hit the open door with my ball, because to this point I’ve only been able to open the door and haven’t been successful hitting it in the right place after.

Though graphics and gameplay are fun, I’m a little disappointed by the music selection. The app’s description states that you’ll hear “many of the band’s greatest hits,” but to this point I’ve only heard three. Those are “Would?,” “Them Bones,” and “Man in the Box.” I’ll continue trying to unlock the mode that releases “Hollow,” but it may take me some time to figure that out. Even if I do find it, I’m a little surprised that only four songs are available on the app. Perhaps I’ll unlock more music as I play more or when I succeed in unlocking those modes that I haven’t been able to.

I also find that playing on an iPhone is a little difficult and it would probably be better suited to a tablet, but that won’t stop me from playing anyway.

Overall I think it’s worth paying $2.99 for the app, even though I would like to hear more music. It’ll take a few more games for me to figure out how to unlock more modes, but that’s typical with pinball and I would be disappointed if it could be mastered in a day. I give the app two thumbs up.

If Alice in Chains isn’t quite what you’re looking for, the app also allows you to unlock themes for Bullet for My Valentine, AC/DC, and Slayer, also at a price of $2.99 each.

Does an electronic pinball game sound like fun to you? Have you tried this app or will you try it out in the future?