I haven't talked to an Alice in Chains fan yet that doesn't agree with me that 'Stone' is the best song to come from the current incarnation of the band and not to mention, one of the best AIC songs ever. The new lyric video for the tune is every bit as dark as the song itself and while it doesn't have much in the way of a story line, it takes an unsuspected turn at the end.

The new album, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is expected to hit the shelves and the webernets May 28 and here's what guitarist/vocalist Jerry Cantrell told Rolling Stone about the effort:

We made a unique record that's completely different from anything we ever did. It encapsulates a period of time, like all records do. You see growth and that the band is moving ahead in new territory that we haven't been to before, but we haven't lost our identity.

May 27 is bound to be a long day for me as I expect to be sitting at my computer patiently awaiting midnight and the release of the album so I can listen to that bad boy in it's entirety the minute it becomes available on Spotify.