Alice Cooper made an appearance at Bonnaroo 2012 this past weekend, and the audience may have been a little surprised at a cover that he played. While the crowd looked on, Cooper launched into Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and spiced things up with a harder twist than we’re used to hearing it.

Cooper is an original, so the song seems appropriate. He also added his own lyrics to fit the occasion, talking directly to the crowd about spending too much but still having a great time.

The song has become a bit of an anthem for Lady Gaga. While I’m not one of her little monsters, and I’ve never bought one of her albums, I recognize that she’s an amazing talent. Even when I watch award shows and yell at the television because of the latest horrible outfit that she comes out in, I’m still there watching her. It takes a certain something to captivate people the way she does.

As for Alice Cooper’s rendition of “Born This Way,” I’m a little on the fence. I think it’s great that he’s added his flavor to it, but I prefer the Lady Gaga version. Cooper has a slew of great songs that fit him well, but I find that this one is lacking. As long as he doesn’t try out Justin Bieber next, we should be okay.

Check out the video of Alice Cooper's "Born This Way" cover and let me know what you think.