The Aledo High School football team, who managed to stomp our very own WFHS Coyotes 69-14 in the quarterfinals, have had a record breaking season. They have made it to the state championship game for the fifth year in a row, set the record for most points in a season (averaging 65.7 points per game), and have even managed to grab national attention with their latest stunt.

The Aledo Bearcats (15-0) will be taking on the Brenham Cubs (14-1) tomorrow at noon at the Cowboy's AT&T Stadium, and when you're in high school it seems like the only way to commemorate such an event is plastering it all over t-shirts and hoodies and sweat pants.

Well Aledo may not be welcome in Jerry Jones' billion dollar masterpiece after he sees their latest piece of apparel. Merch Haus, a clothing company has released a new hoodie with a simple, slightly offensive, yet totally true message stenciled on front that reads

Dear Jerry,

We heard you need a winner. We will be there this weekend. Hang tight!

Love, Aledo"

Like I said, slightly offensive yet true. With the rate that the Bearcats have been putting up points this season maybe letting them take the field Sunday against the Redskins wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Check out the hoodie for yourself and if you're interested in grabbing your very own just check out the Merch Haus website.