A few miles to the north of Wichita Falls in Fredrick, Oklahoma there is a tremendous group of guys. Sad news to report that one of the members unfortunately suffered a heart attack during a jump.

According to the teams Facebook page the team member was retired Captain James D. Yost.

CPT Yost apparently suffered a heart attack while engaged in jump operations at Frederick Army Air Field in Frederick, Oklahoma on July 22. Notwithstanding the best efforts of medically trained personnel at the drop zone, they were unable to revive Jim upon his landing. He will be missed by his ADT family. “The jump was a standard jump, and well within the safety protocols of the FAA and ADT”, said COL Raymond Steeley, Commander of the ADT. “All FAA and ADT safety protocols were followed in Jim’s jump. The tragedy that occurred was not a result of any protocol breach on behalf of Jim or the team. Jim was a valuable member of the ADT family, and will be greatly missed.”

I went to Midwestern State University and graduated with a degree in Mass Communications. To graduate with that degree, you have to make a documentary. Thanks to one of my group members she heard of this team that reenacts World War 2 airborne jumps.  We went and got some amazing footage.

Seriously, if you know someone that is a military junkie they have two jump schools that they do at separate times of the year. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that someone would not forget. Go check out their website for more details.

I am greatly saddened by the teams loss. In those two weekends that my group was up there they were extremely nice and willing to do anything to help with our documentary. Speaking for my group and everyone here at the Buzz our thoughts are with you.

Check Out Stryker and His Groups Documentary Below: