It's been almost seven months since Wretched released Son of Perdition and the band are in the midst of touring in support of the album and will be at Tomcats West in Fort Worth tonight along with Bow Prometheus and The Plagued and vocalist Adam Cody marked the occasion by giving me a shout on the BuzzLine for last Saturday's (10/20) edition of The Oath.

The band had been out on the road with thrash metal legends Death Angel so we talked about what it was like to tour with a band that's been there and done that as many times as they had and whether or not they served as mentors to Wretched. I also asked if the band is planning on taking their show overseas, whether or not they're already thinking about their next record and of course, much more than that.

Adam Cody - Wretched Interview Part I

Adam Cody - Wretched Interview Part II