'FLY IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT'.  Those are the words I saw on a sticker directly in front of me as I sat anxiously in the cockpit of the Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows Veteran Home Loans MX2.  With those being the only instructions posted on the aircraft within my view, I knew I was in for a ride to remember!

Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows will be one of the many aerobatic performers at the Sheppard Air Force Base Airshow this Saturday and Sunday (Oct. 1-2).  At the airshow, Rob Holland and his Veteran Home Loans MX2 aircraft will be showcasing some of the most amazing aerobatic maneuvers that you never thought an airplane could do.

Ever since Rob's first airshow experience as a young boy, he knew that flying upside down was his calling in life.  At the age of 18 he became a licensed pilot and has not come down from the skies since. Rob Holland is an accomplished Aerobatic pilot with several awards and championships under his belt - in fact my aerobatic experience on Thursday was piloted by Mike Ganor, Rob's performance announcer, because Rob himself was in Denison, Texas taking home 1st place in the 2011 US National Aerobatics Championships.

Now I wouldn't say that flying upside down is my life calling, but when presented with the opportunity to experience a pilot's view of the most unbelievable aerobatics I have ever seen, I jumped at it! I have to admit though, when I was handed a parachute and told - here, put this on - a tiny bit of nervousness did creep up on me, but better safe than splattered.

I know that due to some recent tragic air race events, some might be a little weary to attend an airshow.  But the Ultimate Airshows crew,  as well as all other air show performers, perfect their routines by practicing on a daily basis - usually multiple times a day.  In fact, Airshows are much safer than air races. During an airshow, the pilots retain a high margin of safety and will never perform any aerobatic maneuvers while the aircraft is directly facing the spectators - removing them from harm's way if the rare occurrence of a crash were to happen.

So bring the family out to the Sheppard Air Force Base Airshow this Saturday and Sunday to see the thrilling performances of Rob Holland Airshows and many more!

But first watch this video as Mike Ganor gives me a taste of the amazing aerobatics of the Veteran Home Loans MX2!

Oh yeah, and of course Joshua David had to poke a little fun at the awesome headset they gave me to wear:

Aaron Galloway -- Nien Nunb (Star Wars Character)