A Pale Horse Named Death, former Type O Negative and Life of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato's latest project recently released the video for 'DMSLT'. The song comes from the band's sophomore album, Lay My Soul to Waste, which is out now on Steamhammer/SVP Records.

Sal decided to step out from behind the kit to take stage front-and-center for A Pale Horse Named Death, providing guitar and vocals for the band. He writes all the lyrics and says all of his songs "have a line to reality…things that could and do happen every day." He focuses the lyrics on the darker side of life and while the majority of what he writes about is fiction, there is a bit of truth in there.

Musically, the band play a form of sludgy hard rock that instantly draws comparisons to Alice in Chains and Type O Negative and while I understand where those comparisons come from, the band have a pretty unique sound in my opinion. There are definitely nods to both of the aforementioned bands but to really appreciate A Pale Horse Named Death, it's best to wipe any preconceived notions and/or expectations away and listen to the band with an open mind.

A Pale Horse Named Death are part of Danzig's 25th Anniversary Tour and will be on Oklahoma City at the Diamond Ballroom Sunday, October 27. Get your tickets here.