The Dude just so happens to be Shaun Callaghan and he provides the pipes and plays guitar for a melodic metal band out of Boston by the name of Give Zombies The Vote and his cat, Bill Murray is probably the coolest cat in existence.

The video popped up on YouTube a few days ago with this caption:

Shaun got drunk and made a video with his cat Bill Murray. He doesn't know we're posting this. If you found it, good for you. Now spread it until he notices.

You know I'm all for knocking a few back and doing something you may or may not regret later and then having it spread like the frickin' plague through the internet so allow me to do my part. And seeing how the underground is more saturated than ever here in the internet age, sometimes it takes a hilarious viral video to get people to take notice of a pretty damn good band (see SpongeBob doing Job For A Cowboy).

The song's called "Black Hole" and it's the opening track to Give Zombies The Vote's new album Dominions, produced, mixed and mastered by Devildriver guitarist Michael Spreitzer and you can give it a listen and then buy it right here.