Rock News Desk is reporting that Dez Fafara is open to the idea of a Coal Chamber reunion. Now that his former band mates are clean of hard drugs they’ve “put the past” behind them according to Dez.

The first time I saw Coal Chamber they opened for “Strutter,” the KISS Tribute.  The second time they headlined on a bill with Slipknot and Machinehead opening. The last time I saw them was their last show ever.  One of my DJ friends even had to help escort one of the members out lest they start throwing blows at each other on the way to the stage. I’ve long said that Meegs Rascon has never been given enough credit for his guitar styling (at Tom Morello get’s too much credit for the same kind of thing). Now, if the three boys would just make up with Rayna or Nadya.

I’m not going to diss Devildriver or anyone on the current scene, I just want to say that nobody every sounded like Coal Chamber. They were truly unique and we could use a little of that now. C’mon Dez, let’s do it!

I gathered up some videos of the band. These two have BAD LANGUAGE and aren’t even recorded that well, but you have to see the vitality and the energy of the early Coal Chamber shows.