The fact that men do girly things in secret isn't really a secret at all. Women on the other hand, well they know how to do really manly things without us ever knowing about them.

A Reddit user recently asked women what is a really manly thing that you would never admit to doing, and the answers came pouring in.

So here are some of the best answers we could find, and I think we can all agree these manly things our sweet, sexy lady friends do are best left a secret.

1. Sitting alone with your hand down your pants.

2. Taking a minute to admire what you left behind in the toilet and possibly bragging about it later to your girlfriends.

3. Peeing in the shower.

4. Trying to sneakily check out other women.

5. Unbuttoning your pants when you're tearing through a monster of a meal. 

6. Killing spiders and other bugs for your boyfriend/husband and then swearing not to tell anyone.

7. Hiding hardcore porn from your man on the computer (Although I don't think he would mind).

8. Dutch-ovening your lover. 

Think you or your lady does something way manlier? Let us know in the comment section below!