When you want to get it on, you want to get it on. When you need a buck, you need a buck. Such is the case of a 74-year-old man in Florida who was busted for prostitution recently.

Thomas Mills offered two undercover officers sex acts in exchange for money. He also asked to see their genitals, and told Melissa Drew, one of the undercover officers, that he’d reduce his charge if she let him do “unspecified acts” on her.

It’s Mills’ first offense and there’s no word on what kind of sentence he should expect. I can bet that he won’t be making deals with the judge. Clearly that didn’t work the first time.

Some hookers, like Skylar, whom I interview each week for Ask a Hooker, love their jobs, there’s no telling if Mills is as excited about doing what he’s doing. It could be the economy, or perhaps he’s just feeling frisky. As far as he goes, I think I’ll pass.