Jilian Newman, the 4' 10" tall 11 year old 5th grader at Downey Christian, is the High School Varsity's starting point Guard.  Handles, as he is nicknamed by his teammates, is averaging a Florida state leading 11.5 assists per game, which also has him ranked 19th in the country. Newman scores as well averaging 13.5 pts. per game.

Jamie Newman, Downey Christian High School's head coach, and Jilian's dad, decided to move the youngster up with the kind of big boys after his son scored 91 points in 3 quarters of a middle school game. A head coach for a recent opponent said that Downey Christian was a "little prep school that will but a little bit of anybody out there." He added that the kid was a little tiny thing but he was a heck of a player.

Due to the fact the the prep school does not play under the Florida version of UIL there is no minimum age requirement. No matter what age he is Newman is eligible to play 4 years at the varsity level. Personally I think its a little absurd, no matter how talented the kid is, to play with 16-18 year old kids.  That being said the young man certainly has "handles". Check out this video below and and decide for yourself.... Another example of coaches son getting ridiculous privileges... or Phenom baller who's destined for one year at Kentucky.