I hope everyone in Texoma had a safe and happy fourth of July. Unfortunately something terrible happened during a fireworks display in California.

A wooden platform holding the fireworks for a Fourth of July display in Southern California tipped over mid-show, injuring more than two dozen people and sending a crowd into a panic. Officials said 34 spectators were treated for shrapnel-like wounds and burns after the mishap at Rancho Santa Susanna Community Park in Simi Valley Thursday night. Twenty were transported to area hospitals.

Witnesses said the accident happened about two minutes into the show, when suddenly rockets began shooting sideways at the crowd.Ventura County firefighters, who were already on the scene, set up a triage center to treat the injured. Simi Valley Police Cmdr. John Parks said the event had been heavily staffed with police, park rangers and firefighters who were able to react immediately after the explosion.

Authorities estimated the crowd was between 8,000 and 10,000 people. The crowd was kept at least 350 feet from the launch platform, as required by the fire code, a distance which presumably kept the number of injured down.

Don't know how many firework related injuries we had in Texoma, but hopefully nothing like this ever happens.

Watch the Fireworks News Report Below:

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