Today's 'Crank It or Yank It' comes from Minneapolis rockers 3 Pill Morning.

'Nothing's Real' appears on 3 Pill Morning's debut studio album, Black Tie Love Affair, and fits right in with mainstream favorites like Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle.

The name 3 Pill Morning immediately conjures images of someone loading up on pain relievers the morning after a good night of partying, but the name actually has a little deeper meaning. Frontman Jeff Stebbins had this to say about the name in an interview with Loudwire:

We had a list of names initially and this one rose to the top because when we talked about the name we realized that almost everyone is medicated in some way and for some reason the magic number of pills seemed to be 3. We met a doctor on this tour and asked him to validate what the best guess is…of course he said 3.

Give 'Nothing's Real' a listen and let us know what you think about the tune.