You heard right. Some one has released a 20 year old short film which was made to promote Nine Inch Nails' 1992 Broken EP. Now the film is not safe for work, unless you work from home, and it was never officially released because of it's controversial and graphic content. The film includes several different videos and the band only issued one individual video for the song "Happiness In Slavery," but is was almost banned across the world by TV stations because it shows a man being both tortured and pleasured in a demented dentist chair while his blood is used to water a garden below him.

But thanks to the miracle that is the internet, we get to finally see the video, which oddly enough, came out just in time to help promote Nine Inch Nails who will being playing a few festivals before kicking off their own tour later in the year. And once again I have to warn you, this video is not safe for work or for those who are a tad bit squeamish. So enjoy!

Okay well the video may not work but if your serious about watching it your going to have to do a little work. I managed to finally find it and I have to tell you, its the craziest 20 minutes ever put on tape. So if your dying to see it just check out this wikipedia page which basically tells you where to go to find it. And there is also a pretty cool legend behind it. Check it out HERE.