You would think that it would be hard to live inside a Walmart, seeing how it's open 24/7 and there is always someone in the store. But that didn't stop one 14-year-old kid from setting up his dream home inside a Corsicana, Texas Walmart.

This kid managed to avoid being caught for four days, which is a pretty good run if you ask me, especially when you consider how much effort he put into his new home.

Other than having his pick of the finest food Walmart has to offer, this teenager also had multiple 'safe houses' set up around the store, including a fortress buried in the middle of the stroller section, which contained a pet fish from the store's aquariums.

What is truly amazing is that no one noticed this kid for four days! But you can't blame the employees for that. This kid was good. I'm talking secret Russian sleeper agent good.

Not only did this kid change his cloths regularly to avoid detection, presumably with stolen cloths, but he also began wearing diapers in order to avoid using the store's bathrooms.

Eventually the teenager's trail of trash led to employees discovering his presence and calling the cops to help return him to his family.

We haven't heard anything from the boy's family yet which makes you wonder, did they not realize that their son had been missing for four days? And if they did why didn't they do anything about it?