10 Years have released the official video for their new song “Knives,” which is off their upcoming album Minus The Machine. The album is set to hit stores on August 7th, and it follows up their 2010 effort Feeding The Wolves.

Their new album is being put out by their own label called Palehorse Records. It was last year that they parted ways with Universal Music, and Lewis Cosby, the bassist for the band, had this to say about going out on their own:

When it starts really becoming a business, the labels treat the music as a business as well, and it kills the creativity within the band. It kills it when you have people coming to you saying, 'Hey, we need a three-and-a-half minute ballad, we need a three-and-a-half minute hard rock song and then a midtempo ballad,' and you're just sitting there going, 'Are you kidding me?' You know, it just stifles every creative bone in your body.

“Knives” shows the band on tour, on stage, hanging out while celebrating birthdays away from home, and interacting with fans at their shows. If it’s a preview of what we can expect from the rest of the album, it sounds like it’ll be worth the money to purchase it.

The band is currently on tour until July 24th.